Why An iPad Mini is an Essential Tool for Any Writer

iPad MiniOK: Here’s the background.

I confess: I am an early adopter. I saw the original iPad and I Had To Have One. Before you could snap your fingers, I was in at the Apple store buying my new toy.

I loved it. From Day 1. How, I wondered, could anybody do without this amazing object???

My husband (he of the ‘But you have a laptop, why do you need an iPad?’ brigade) also had to admit that it was A Good Thing, after we’d used it to check mail, check the BOM radar for changes in the weather, and check maps as we drove around Australia. It was always there on the back seat (or in my lap).

Then along came iPad 2 – with a camera. I was soooo tempted, but nobly refrained from updating. No, I would wait until the 3rd generation, I told myself.Such self-control.

iPad #3 was released – with 4G capability for everywhere but in Australia! – and images so clear that they might have been printed at high resolution on a piece of paper. I almost bought it… but thought: No, I’ll wait for iPad #4, because that’s sure to be compatible with the 4G phone network in Oz.

Now I’m being bombarded with media releases. The time has come! iPad #4 is imminent… but wait. WAIT.

What do they have, lurking in the wings? Peeping shyly out and waving at me? TEMPTING ME?

Well, hello, iPad Mini!!!! Don’t YOU look gorgeous??

And what’s that you say? You’re only half the weight of the iPad? And you fit into practically every handbag I have, except for those little bitty evening bag thingys that I hardly ever use? And you have a camera and thousands of jim-dandy apps?

Off I went to Facebook, to say:I really want one of these….

Then it happened. My friend Susie (hi Susie) issued a challenge on Facebook. Right there on the page, where everybody could see.

“Here’s a challenge”, she said. “Write a blog post that totally justifies the purchasing of an ipad mini and why it’s an essential tool for any writer!”

Susie, Susie, Susie. REALLY. You could have issued me a challenge that was a bit more difficult than that. (If that was the plot of a book, I would have said “No, no, no! You need to make your characters SUFFER! Torture them!)

Why Every Writer Needs an iPad Mini…

  • It’s an e-reader.I can download a gazillion books and highlight them and make notes. (Oh, and did I mention reading just for fun?)
  • It’s a resource library. (I can cut and paste research on anything and view it as a Word doc, or a PDF, or even turn it into an ePub.)
  • I can take photos and movies and edit them on-screen.
  • I can network with other writers, and Skype them, and conference with them. Even toast successes in cyber-champagne.
  • I can save and watch training videos and videos just for fun.
  • I can blog, and do FB updates, and tweet.

Hot diggety dog, this is a library and a conference and a home movie theatre and a social networking device that I can have with me all the time.

And guess what?


iPad Mini ordered



Why An iPad Mini is an Essential Tool for Any Writer — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for accepting the challenge and completing it so eloquently! (And for including the personal touch and talking to me directly!) You’ve obviously also fulfilled the next challenge of being the first to order one – I wonder who will be next… 😉 You’ve made such a compelling argument, you see…

  2. Marg, Marg, Marg, what are you doing to me??? I am having so much trouble with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet since I bought it in May, that I’m almost ready to drop it off the Harbour Bridge.

    I have an Mac laptop and I have resisted the urge to visit the Apple store to look at the iPad mini. Well, maybe a little peek wouldn’t hurt 🙂

    • Marg gives an evil chuckle. Why, Lyn, a quick peek wouldn’t do any harm at all, at all. (You have to forgive the lapse into Irish. I’m writing about a Faerie Guardian called Finbar right now.)
      You go right ahead and pitch your Galaxy Tablet off the Harbour Bridge and head for the Apple Store. (And no, I’m not a secret employee of Apple.) Mental health is very important. One can easily see the relationship between iPad Minis and mental health….

        • I bought the wi-fi + cellular 32 GB.
          At the moment I’m just using wi fi for my old iPad, although it does have a mini-SIM card. I may not need the SIM card, but we’ll be travelling again next year so I thought I’d get it.
          I bought a 64 GB the first time around and I’m not using anywhere near that amount of memory, so I thought the 32 GB would be fine.

  3. Marg, you could sell snow to eskimos!
    I had never thought of buying an ipad mini. Am using a hand-me down ipad first version.
    The ability to cut and paste research is pretty impressive. (although I do that on my macbook air. Can you cut and paste from the internet, or from word/pdf files you already have.

    is it difficult to learn? My brain doesn’t seem to find things as easy as more tech-minded souls. in fact, I’ve only just discovered Mac OS X shortcuts!!!!! And I don’t even know if there are any word/pdf files on the iPad I have.

    Just wanted to check before I get excited about the possibilities.

    • GET EXCITED. 🙂
      Mind you, I’m finding it a bit hard to believe that you have an iPad Gen 1 and haven’t explored it yet… I use mine ALL THE TIME. It makes an excellent e-reader, but has no camera. I’m going to keep my Gen 1 mainly for the grandchildren to put their sticky fingers all over (they handle apps like professionals) and as a spare e-reader if Rob and I are both reading eBooks at the same time. But my iPad mini.. ah, it will be the love of my life. (Oh, after Rob, of course. He actually does beat an iPad Mini.


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