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clearlyiconIndie writers are constantly copying and pasting useful info from websites and blogs. (I keep a Scrivener file just for Writing Tips – I’ll blog about that later on.)

Evernote has put out a really useful tool for those who use the Chrome browser. It cuts out all the distracting side panels and other info on a page, and just pops up the article by itself. (A bit like the ‘printer friendly’ pages available on some websites.)

You can copy information and clip it directly to an Evernote folder, or paste it somewhere else.

Read more here about how it works, and how to download CLEARLY as an addition to your browser.


Here’s a blog post by Lindsay Buroker on launching a new pen-name. This is well worth reading – after all, she did manage to earn more than $3,000 in the first month when launching a brand new pen name!

This is what it looked like after using CLEARLY (note: I didn’t clip the whole article – you can read it on her site). You can see that the right hand column allows you to clip the stripped-down article to a selected Evernote folder, as well as print it or highlight sections of interest. You can also simply copy and paste the whole article into a separate document.

Using CLEARLY for an article


This is what it looked like BEFORE using CLEARLY: (I left off the comments!)




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