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24 hours ago I clicked the ‘publish’ button on Amazon KDP for the first 3 titles – and the box set – for my new cozy mysteries: The Georgie B. Goode Gypsy Caravan Cozy Mysteries. (That’s the series name, by the way – and if you’re going to write a series for Amazon, you need to include that as your subtitle.)

You can see the books (Good to Go, Georgie be Good, Good Riddance and the Boxed Set of Books 1,2 and 3) in the left-hand sidebar. Clicking on a book cover will take you to its Amazon page.

For the past 4 days, while I’ve gone through the process of the final proof-read, edit, formatting for Kindle, blog posts and FB posts, everything has taken longer than I expected. Get that firmly fixed in your brain.

Everything to do with being an Indie author-entrepreneur will take longer than you expect.

Writing the books is only part of the job.

However, there is something that will help you smooth out the process as you go: create your own checklists. This is something that I advise in my Busy Writer’s Book of Checklists – although there are more than twenty useful checklists in it, the most useful checklists are the ones you make yourself. I’ve always thought that, and I have no reason to change my opinion!

I’m going to be blogging a lot about the process of writing and publishing, but this is the Very Important Message that I want you to fix in your brain:

  • Start making a checklist the moment you have to do anything new. Just scribble down the steps in a notepad beside you as you go. If you’re referring to any YouTube videos or instructional pages on a blog somewhere, bookmark that site and jot it down in your checklist (“refer to xxx for step by step process”) That’s exactly what I did when I found a helpful video outlining the steps to using Jutoh to create my eBook files.
  • When you finish doing The New Thing, tidy up your checklist. The whole point of it is that it will help you whizz through the same job next time. You don’t want to be staring at it scratching your head and wondering what that scribble actually means, or trying to work out why you’ve got little arrows pointing to different parts of your hastily scrawled instructions. (Because that WILL happen. I’ve watched a video, jotted down the steps, and then found that I need to write an extra step or instruction to myself at the bottom – which required an arrow pointing up to where it should go.) I’ve also run out of room on a page and then lost the second page. If you think it will help, you can do screen captures and paste it all into a word doc with pretty pics. Whatever works!
  • File your ‘clean’ checklist somewhere you’ll be able to find it next time.

When I’m feeling normal again – instead of a sleep-deprived candidate for the Zombie Apocalypse – I’m going to go waaaay back to where I started with my Georgie series and walk through the thinking with you, from concept to general information about sales figures. But for now, I’m just going to upload a page of notes I made today because it’s where I’m up to in the process: listing essential information like the Amazon ASIN (unique book identifier), link to each book page, and code for my affiliate links to Amazon.

And then I’m going to bed. Sleep. Actual real live SLEEP.




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  1. Any particular reason you decided to write 3 books of the series before publishing…or were the stories just flowing at the time? It sounds like the thing to do, especially if you are a fast writer.

    • If you publish three books at once and readers enjoy book 1, they are able to continue reading more in the series right away… rather than waiting a month or more for the next book!

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