The Dreaded E-word – Yes, Exercise

exerciseThere’s one big problem with being a writer: you tend to sit on your butt most of the day. Your computer becomes the centre of the universe – to write, to blog, to tweet, to post to Facebook.

You can almost become grafted to the chair.

I find it easiest to get in some exercise early in the morning (and yes, I know I should be getting up and moving every hour, but I am SO bad at that.)

A couple of my sons who are fitness fanatics persuaded me to download the Endomondo app for my phone and iPad – and it’s great! When you sign up online (the basic version is free) you choose your level of privacy: you can make and accept friend requests, and decide whether your training routes are public or private.

I have authorised my app to post to Facebook, and I activate the GPS function so that (a) I can be tracked in real time and (b) Endomondo calculates the distance, speed and lap time. No more wondering how far I’ve walked or whether I’m doing a better time than the day before – I KNOW.

My sons can type in ‘pep talks’ on their phones or computers when they see me walking, and they come through as voice comments on my phone: “Nice going, mum!” (I know their comments to each other are much more insulting, in a brotherly kind of way.)

Here’s the map of a recent walk captured by EndoMondo, showing everything from total distance to the weather conditions:

Endoroute1Here’s a graph from another walk showing my average speed. You can see where I paused to watch the ducks, met friends out walking, and had to stop for traffic when I crossed the road:

endo-walkI love it!

(You can select your activity, too. I’ve activated my phone when kayaking, too. An excellent way to estimate distance covered on the water!)

If you’re interested, you can sign up for Endomondo here:

… and it’s easy to do a search for the EndoMondo app.

Now, back to writing. I’m not out walking today because it’s one of the hottest days on record here – extreme heat conditions and ‘catastrophic’ fire danger. The chair in front of my computer, with the air conditioning on, seems like a good place to be.

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