Secure Downloads Using PayPal and DLGuard

Secure your filesIf you’re going to sell products from your website, then you need to make the process as secure and reliable as possible for your customers, AND you need to ensure that your products are protected from unauthorised downloads.

For years, I have  made various products available from my websites, and recently I added a link to the Kindle Publishing Kit (for people who are interested in writing Kindle books). Payment was via PayPal, which has always been fine.

Then I got an email from a customer saying “Umm… I haven’t yet received the Kindle Publishing Kit… should I have it by now?”

My response: “You sure should have! You should have been returned to the download page as soon as you purchased.” I immediately sent the product by return mail, and put it down to a one-time glitch. Maybe, I thought, PayPal’s site was having problems.

Then it happened again: another email saying much the same thing. “Three days ago I ordered…”

Aaarggh!!! NOT GOOD. I wanted my customers to know that they could always rely on products available from my websites. OK. What was I going to do? I had already heard good things about DLGuard, so I checked out their site – and within hours had signed up.

Installation was a breeze (I followed the clear instructions provided, but help is available if you need it). I added the Kindle Publishing Kit, tested the ‘buy’ button – and it all worked perfectly. After the payment was made, there was a coloured button for customers to click to access their download… but best of all, customers ALSO get follow-up emails with details of the download link.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Done! To me, this was a necessary expense to sell products securely from my site. I (and thousands of others) recommend it.


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