Downloads That Writers Can Offer

downloadFollowing the “Create Downloads from your Blog” post, Karen followed up with another comment: “Now I just have to think of something of benefit to my readers!”

Actually that’s quite easy. (Not saying that it’s easy to create whatever it is you’re making available for download – that might take you some time. But it’s easy to come up with a relevant list.)

Fiction Authors

You’re talking to your fans (not other writers, unless you have a section on your website about writing tips). Your fans are interested in your characters and their world. They’re also – if you have done your job as a writer – interested in what you’re writing now. Here is a list of downloads you can make available from your website.  Continue reading

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Butt in Chair

Let’s talk about BIC.

Butt In Chair.

We Indie writers know that a huge part of our success is regular output. That means we have to actually SIT in the chair and WRITE.

I’ve managed to reduce some of the BIC time by turning it into DD time (DD=Dragon Dictation.) I can walk around, lie on the bed, or sit in a recliner.

However, I still need to spend a LOT of time at the computer – and boy, is my butt feeling it. Continue reading

Dragon Naturally Speaking – Mac and Windows

Dragon Naturally SpeakingI’ve posted before about using DNS (Dragon Naturally Speaking) to turbo-charge my productivity.

I’ve been using Dragon for years, but have only recently become a serious user. When I looked at ways to increase my productivity, I decided that I really should give Dragon a proper shot. I knew that it would take a while to get used to dictating a book rather than typing it – I had to be prepared to stick with it until it felt more natural.

Here are my reactions. They may not be the same as yours – in fact, they probably won’t be. Continue reading

On Being Overwhelmed

climbing the Indie MountainI thought it was worthwhile passing on part of the comments I got in an email from D, a new subscriber to the Indie Tipsheet. (I don’t use names unless someone specifically says it’s okay.) You might like to read the previous post on the Indie Learning Curve before reading the comments below.

She says:

I thought I’d give you an update to tell you what has been happening. I am finding things overwhelming I’m afraid, but at the same time I am applying your ‘tiny steps’ philosophy and it is REALLY helping.

I think the barriers you hit in using technology are actually quite small and easily solved but they can seem enormous and impossible to scale.  (For example – get a domain name. I know what one is in a rough kind of way but where do I go to get it?? Don’t tell me – I’ll find it when I take that step). Bewilderment makes it so easy to give up. Continue reading

The Indie Learning Curve

Marg Indie IconI’ve always enjoyed the benefits of technology, so it’s not surprising that I should embrace the advances in publishing with delight and anticipation. I’ve been uploading ebooks to my various sites for years, long before Amazon set the bar higher by bringing out its first Kindle. There was a big difference, though – ‘ebooks’ back then were usually just PDF files, which you could download and print out, or read on your computer. No auto adjustment of page size. No reading on a convenient Kindle! Continue reading

Social Media for Writers

I almost added ‘ugh’ to the subject line of this post. I have to admit that (other than blogging, which I kind of like) I would really rather be writing my book than writing posts on Facebook or sending out tweets. I don’t mind my personal FB page (which I have sadly neglected anyway) but the one I have to post to twice a day because it’s in my contract – meh.LindaPoitevin

However, I also admit that I can usually come up with something relevant, and I find it useful to schedule a bunch of posts at once. Other than that… I haven’t bothered to investigate FB algorithms etc. So it’s a good thing that other people do.

Linda Poitevin is a writer who is pretty good at ‘working’ social media – blogs, FB, Twitter – so much so that she actually does ‘Social Media Monday’ posts. Not every Monday, but many Mondays.

I recommend you go to her blog and read through her collection of articles on Social Media. You’ll learn a lot. Pay particular attention to what she does on Wattpad: she found that her work there had a beneficial effect on her fiction sales.

Here’s a useful post on Facebook:

And here’s Linda’s page of links to her posts on Social Media:

And finally, do listen to the interview with Linda about using Wattpad to leverage sales. You can hear it here on the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast:

If you know of other good resources on harnessing the power of social media, please let us know in the comments section!

Marg 🙂

Marg’s Indie Tipsheet

I’ve been quiet for quite a long time – on the blog, the website and with the tipsheet!

There’s been a reason for that. I’ve been focusing on my Indie writing – not just the Busy Writer series for writer (and there are a few new titles in the works for that series, too!) but with my fiction.

I’ve published 3 paranormal romances, with a 4th three-quarters finished, and I’m plotting a crime/thriller series. Well, more than plotting – I’ve got more than 40,000 words written of the first book!

So I decided that it was time to get back to something I truly love – interacting with writers – and combining it with my new passion for Indie writing. To do that, I’m moving to a new Tipsheet – Marg’s “Indie” Tipsheet! Anyone who is currently subscribed to the current Writing4Success Tipsheet is invited to come across. Within a couple of weeks, I’ll be shutting down the ‘old’ Tipsheet email database. If you’re keen to see where the exciting new world of Indie publishing can take you, come on board!

You’ll find a new sign-up box to the right of this post. I hope to see you on the other side. I’ll be sending out my first tipsheet within two weeks.


Happy I Opted to Print

Our guest blogger, Gary Hutchinson, has just published his first book, Sumotori, using Amazon’s POD publishing arm, CreateSpace. These days, when e-publishing is so straightforward, I knew that many writers are wondering whether to bother publishing a print version of their books – and just how difficult the process is. Well, here it is – straight from the horse’s mouth! 


Happy I Opted to Print

By GP Hutchinson

Have you eschewed the notion of offering your novel in print as well as in e-book format thinking the potential gain is just too small for all the cost and effort? You might want to think again. There are several distinct benefits to making your work available in paperback. And if you run up against any additional expenses at all they should be negligible.

Continue reading