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Welcome to the world of Indie publishing!

It’s an exciting place to be. I’ve been immersing myself in this world for the past two years – almost three, actually! I’m playing around with both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m thrilled that at last, we get to have writers decide what they want to read – not publishers, who are bound by profit-and-loss and lots of old traditions.

You’ll see a sign-up box over there on the right-hand side. Do join us.

I’ll be sending out regular tipsheets that discuss all aspects of Indie publishing – the different platforms on which you can publish, the latest news from experienced writers and the different e-publishers that will publish your work.

And I won’t neglect tips on technique as well… after all, the better writer you are, the more you’ll sell!


Marg’s Indie Tipsheet — 42 Comments

  1. What an exciting time for you. I’m self publishing fiction myself too this year so I expect I’ll know a lot more by the time the year is over. Good luck!

    • That’s because my energy and optimism has been directed towards the Indie world – now that the tipsheet is following suit, it’ll be easy!

  2. I’ve self published for awhile now, but the books don’t seem to be selling. I want to go back to this method. I’m tired of writing to the specifications of an editor who expects me to make changes she suggests and loose my voice in the book.

    • Hear hear, Grace. I think a lot of us think that writing a book is the easy part (well, not easy, but in comparison to marketing/promotion..) – but I think it’s like anything else: find out stuff, work out an action plan, and implement.
      Sounds so easy when you say it like that… 🙂

  3. In all the world, there is no better friend to writers than you, Marg.

    This is great news for Indie writers.



    • Thanks Gail! I think I could say the same thing about the Writer’s Retreat Workshop – you and Gary did something great when you started that, and it’s still giving enormous value to writers.

    • Busy busy busy, Lyn… still no less busy, but ready to launch the Indie Tipsheet! The Indie scene is really where my heart is. Marg 🙂

  4. Looking forward to receiving the new tip sheets. The information that you send out is very valuable,especially for new writers like me.Thank you!

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