If You Want to Write Rhyming Stories for Children…

writing rhyming stories for childrenI recently made some comments on a rhyming picture book for kids for someone, and I directed him to an article on the Writing4Success site that I thought would help. And then I thought: actually, it would help anyone wanting to write a rhyming story… so I thought I’d give it a quick mention in my blog!

There are a surprising number of traps for the unwary when they try to write a picture book in rhyme. It’s not nearly as easy as non-writers think to get the rhythm right (and believe me, a good rhyming story is just as much about RHYTHM as it is about rhyme.).

The article was written by Gwenda Smyth, a freelance editor who’d been asked to edit a good many lacklustre rhyming stories… and she’s give some top advice here. You can see the article at:




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