Copyright Decision Has Implications for Online Trading

copyright decisionIt’s always interesting to get an email from the Australian Copyright Council. They stay abreast not only of what’s happening in Australia, but what’s happening overseas that can affect copyright law generally.

Writers have always been more concerned than most about copyright, but sometimes it seems that all bets are off when it comes to the Internet… does anybody really take any notice of copyright notices?

Well, now people who appropriate information on other websites by blatantly using ‘scrapers’ that take and use content without asking may have to think again. In a recent Canadian case between Century 21 Real Estate and Zoocasta, a website that made substantial use of content on Century 21’s website, Zoocasta was found to have infringed copyright. (Century 21’s terms of use gave visitors a licence to use the website and its contents for personal use while requiring users to seek permission if they wanted to link to the Century 21 website.)

You can read more about the case here, on the Australian Copyright Council’s website.



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