Butt in Chair

Let’s talk about BIC.

Butt In Chair.

We Indie writers know that a huge part of our success is regular output. That means we have to actually SIT in the chair and WRITE.

I’ve managed to reduce some of the BIC time by turning it into DD time (DD=Dragon Dictation.) I can walk around, lie on the bed, or sit in a recliner.

However, I still need to spend a LOT of time at the computer – and boy, is my butt feeling it. I’ve tried a few different office chairs over the years, but I still notice it if I’m sitting for any length of time. Unfortunately, although I’m – er – generously proportioned, none of the excess flab is where I really need it: under my butt in the chair!

The 'dream chair'???

The ‘dream chair’???

I Googled ergonomic office chairs. I Googled office chairs with padded seats. Some of them I salivated over – but could I justify a thousand bucks for an office chair? Probably not – not until I’m a wildly successful Indie author. Some I’ve read about could buy 700 one-thousand-dollar chairs from their Indie income.

But not me.

And THEN – I stumbled across a website that sold gel cushions.


I read about it, did some more investigation on the Internet, looked at different brands, and read reviews. Then I checked to make sure my Paypal-linked account had sufficient funds, and clicked the ‘buy’ button.

Now I’m sitting on a Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion, and my butt is a lot happier in its chair, let me tell you. I’ve had it for four days, and I’ve spent a lot of hours on that cushion. And yes, it does make a difference.

In case YOUR butt is rebelling about the amount of time you want to keep it in the chair, here’s the YouTube video…


Butt in Chair — 5 Comments

    • I tried a fitball once as a change, after seeing my doctor sitting on it in his surgery. I had to give up! 🙂 Glad the pilates ball works for you.

  1. I never thought about a gel cushion…but since having a few aches and pains while sitting in front of the computer, related to impending arthritis in the lower back, that gel cushion just might keep me in that chair longer. Thanks.

  2. It’s not my butt that has a problem with me sitting, it’s my knees. I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees and there is no cartilage in the knee joints at all. Fifteen minutes of sitting with my knees bent and I’m reaching for the Panadeine Forte. It’s easier for me to use a recliner, but this makes checking reference books a little difficult. What I really need is a very small masseuse to sit under the table and massage my knees and apply hot packs all day 😀

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