How to Build Your Writing Skills

Every day, new writers decide to have a shot at being published. They come up with an idea, rough out a plot, and enthusiastically start pounding the keyboard. Then, when they read through their scenes, disappointment strikes. Their prose just doesn’t … Continue reading

A Glance at Author Earnings

Quite often people write to me and say things like: “I tried publishing a book on Amazon and I’ve sold three copies in the last twelve months”, or “They say it’s possible to earn a living as an Indie writer, … Continue reading

How I Use Scrivener for Career Planning

I’m sure most people have heard of Scrivener by now, but if you haven’t… it’s probably the best writer’s tool out there. [Related post: Moving from Word to Scrivener.] You can organise all kinds of things in Scrivener “projects” – from … Continue reading

CLEARLY a Useful Tool

Indie writers are constantly copying and pasting useful info from websites and blogs. (I keep a Scrivener file just for Writing Tips – I’ll blog about that later on.) Evernote has put out a really useful tool for those who … Continue reading