7 Week Challenge – Enter Your Goals Here

We’re off and running!

As I told you in the last tipsheet, I am treating my 7-week road trip/working holiday as an opportunity to see just how much I can achieve in small, tightly focused pockets of time while still having plenty of time to handle whatever else life throws at me. In my case, I want to keep my writing output ticking over as well as run a writing business (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc) while giving myself plenty of time to have fun on the road.

I already know that many of you will be battling to get things done despite all kinds of interference… so why don’t you join me in seeing what you can achieve despite ‘life getting in the way’?

Let’s pass on tips and encouragement.

Over the next seven weeks, I plan to:

  • finish editing and polishing my next book in the Busy Writer series and have it ready to publish on Amazon by September 20
  • work with clients who are doing my e-courses and using my assessment service
  • continue working on my paranormal romance series (I’m well into the current novel – about 30,000 words done) 
  • do blog posts and updates on Twitter and Facebook 
  • AND… outline a new novel based on a road trip! (Well, I might as well use all this experience and borrow traits from the characters I meet, right?) 

Now it’s your turn.

Use the comments section on this blog to tell us what you are going to accomplish (come hell or high water) in the next 7 weeks!


7 Week Challenge – Enter Your Goals Here — 27 Comments

  1. Marg

    This challenge comes at just the right time. I’ve just finished one project and have another one started. This is a perfect time to surge ahead.

    My thought after finishing the first project was to take a few weeks off. You’ve inspired me to keep the momentum going. If you can forge ahead with your hectic schedule, while travelling, I certainly should be able to move forward with a novel near and dear to my heart, while staying right here at home.

    My first goal is to complete research on the historical elements of my story. 2nd I want to list (your favorite word)
    scenes from beginning to end to verify I haven’t confused the order of any events. If there is any time left, my plot line could use some attention. This should be a busy 7 weeks. Save a little time for fun on your trip.

  2. Ok Marg – high water it is! I’m in.
    Goal – take 5,000 wd short story and expand it to a publishable length over the next 7 weeks. The finished length is not a number in my head, simply trusting that I’ll know when it is ‘finished’!
    Bev Prideaux recently posted…Where it all beganMy Profile

    • Gotta love being up to your neck in high water (and crocodiles???) – you can do it. Just go for it. We’ll check in with you later!

  3. I will endeavor to complete a non fiction manuscript I’m working on about kids and animals. I also hope to at least get my third book planned and started in my Busy Mothers’ guide series.

    • Go Helen! That’s two projects for seven weeks. Your existing production levels seem to indicate that you will do it if you want to. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have done in seven weeks…

  4. My goal is to take my research material which I have almost completed and shape it into the necessary word count and format for the 35 information pages section of my children’s information and activity book Wombat Tracks, about the three species of wombats. I’ll also aim to redraft my PB ready to send out…and maybe even follow up an idea of applying for a grant for another book I’m considering. Even if I achieve some of those things I’ll be pleased so…I’m in, Marg… and happy working holiday to you. Enjoy the non-work times 🙂

    • What a great goal, Margaret. I’m here checking my blog and typing after a day’s travel, a coffee in Walgett and a looooong happy hour with other travellers. what a life. Ever heard of having your cake and eating it too?????

  5. Definitely in too! Aims: To find an agent for my first novel, and to continue with the sequel, (now about 10000 words).
    Great to have one of your challenges again Marg! It works for me. As you said, small concentrated bits of time, and focus…make it seem possible to move on again. So much crosses into the attention from ‘life’ that inevitably the writing has fallen off the edge for a bit. But somehow a deadline of seven weeks re-focusses my attitude.

    • Great to see you here Jeannie! You’re well into your sequel, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to keep working on that while you’re looking for an agent for your first. Just focusing on small achievements is absolutely where it’s at… it all adds up! And seven weeks is a nice tight time frame. Go go go!

  6. My goals: update one website and get second ready for publication, publish the magazine I edit in a new format, catch up with all edits–I’m always late, and revision to get at least one WIP Kindle ready…errr, probably doing well if I manage even half but here goes….
    and Marg have a lovely holiday as well as a productive one.
    So many thanks for all the inspiration 🙂
    Annie recently posted…G is for Ghosts and GradatioMy Profile

  7. Like I said—I need this challenge! I have many other demands of my time!
    My plan is to:
    re-write 1 scene from my kids’ novel per week—so I can submit it to Marg for assessment!
    write or re-write one story of my memoir (Tricia’s Chronicle) per week
    Post on blog re readers for Japanese students
    Get to publication Book 1 of Series 2 Japanese readers for beginner students
    There—I’ve committed publicly!

    • 20K in 7 weeks? Piece of cake. You’ll do it easily. (Keep in mind that NaNo is 50K in a month, which comes to around 1444 words a day… from memory. 20K in 7 weeks is… (oh man I hate maths) … um… anyway, less than 500 words a day. I think.

  8. Hello … thanks so much for this challenge. Funny how the timing is perfect! I’m two chapters away from finishing my 6th draft of my first novel for children, and my energy is lagging. I’m hoping this goal will push me over the finish line.

    My goal then over the next 7 weeks is to finish those two chapters and then send some remaining chapters to my writer friend and proofreader in New Zealand. To see this book go into the finishing and polishing stages will be fabulous; I’ve written the last two drafts during my baby’s naps. Started when she was 3 months – she’s nearing 2 now.

    • Two chapters away from finishing your 6th draft sounds fantastic – and it sounds like it’s time to STOP editing and polishing and get that sucker out there! You’ve done so well to get it finished in short snippets of time during your baby’s naps… that’s exactly the dedication you need to get a book finished and achieve publication. Those pockets of time all add up, don’t they?

  9. I plan to finish editing a romance I wrote about twelve years ago. Then I’m going to start, and hopefully finish. a re-write on a mystery. I’ll be using two books I’ve bought from Marg to help me do this

    • Great goals, Janice. Definitely finish that romance and get it published. Good that you’ve got both projects up to rewriting/editing phase – that’s much easier to work on!

  10. This challenge came at the perfect time for me- kids returning to school and longer days working usually causes me to come to a stand-still with my writing but I’m determined to make progress over the next 7 weeks.

    1. Revise first quarter of novel now that readers have suggested I begin later in story

    2. Sign up for writing class
    3. Research and choose best freelance editor for my genre then retain services and submit
    4. Take a blog vacation, but hire a professional to move blog to WordPress and also create/design an author website
    5. De-clutter email and set up additional email accounts so I can separate legal, writing , querying and personal messages

    Looking forward to the challenge

    Have a great working vacation. You’ve truly inspired me.

    • Just see what you can do in seven weeks. Above all, don’t grind to a halt simply because it all seems too much – just bite off a smaller chunk and DO IT! 🙂
      Let’s see how much we can all achieve by the end of this seven weeks.

  11. I have so many things that need to be done! Not the least is the final edit of my YA mystery/crime novel. I have at least six books I want to read, plus weekly posts on my blog. My main problem is pain and tiredness. I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis for which I use morphine patches. Pain causes lack of sleep and I average 3-4 hours a night and as a result, need to have a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I would love to be able to work from 9-5 everyday, but sadly, haven’t been able to do this for the last four years. So, my goal for these seven weeks, is to edit two chapters a week. Any reading I do will be a bonus.

    • I feel for you, Lyn. Any chronic condition like that really is debilitating; makes it much harder to do anything. You really don’t have much choice but to grab small pockets of time. Keep it up. It WILL all add up!

  12. Marg,

    I totally lurrvvve you! I love getting your blogs – they’re the boost I need every so often to get a move on with my writing. Being a Mum of 3, I loved your blog about “pockets of time”. Now, I love this new challenge. I started an MG story under your fabulous “tutor-ship” 13(!!!!) years ago, and I am in the process of getting it ready as an ebook for Amazon/Kindle. (Yes, it took 13 years, but that involved a lot of soul-searching — to admit I AM a writer — a wedding/marriage and three children in the mean time…as well as a lot of courage to tell myself, yes, I can DO this!)

    But, slowly, and with pokes from you, Marg (your blogs/emails), I…am…getting…there!

    Thank you!

    Jaci Cox

    • Well, thanks, Jaci! Glad you’re enjoying it. And yes, I can imagine that as a Mum of 3, then pockets of time is what it is all about for you!
      And who cares if it took 13 years to get your manuscript to the publishing stage? Many, many authors have done that in the past. The exciting thing is that the whole playing field is so much wider now.
      Oh yes, you ARE a writer. That book will be up online and selling before you know it.

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