Writing for children can be a really rewarding career or an enjoyable hobby.

  • Characters in Books for Children
    Let's reach into the writer's toolbox for some of those character-building techniques used by the pros.
  • Writing for Slow or Reluctant Readers
    If you can write interesting, well-paced material for adults or children who are slow readers, you will have an ever-hungry market. Here are some simple guidelines.
  • Pandemic Swine and Fiction Prediction in Novels
    In my novel 'Outback Ferals' (the ferals were the pigs, not the locals!) infection details were carefully researched with quarantine authorities. The implications of a pandemic threat were woven into the plot. My facts were right, but the story about Kyle the young undercover, eco- scientist sleuth was fiction. Why is my fiction prediction becoming nightly news?
  • Tips on Writing Fantasy
    You want your readers to make a big leap of faith, and believe what you have presented them, so they must have perfect confidence in everything else being just as it is in this real world. How can you achieve that...?
  • Dummies for Smarties
    Every book for aspiring children's writers seems to include the line "don't illustrate your book unless you're a professional artist." But what if you are an experienced, talented artist as well as an aspiring children's writer?
  • So You Want to be a Storyteller
    Writers are storytellers. But not all storytellers are writers. Some storytellers find pleasure in following the oral tradition.Helen Evans takes part in an interesting Q&A to explain how she prepares and delivers her storytelling sessions.
  • Writing Rhyming Stories for Children
    Good verse for children rolls along with regular metrical beats falling on the syllables that would be accented in normal speech, together with correct rhymes, and a strong story emerging as plainly as if told in prose...


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