Choosing the right viewpoint for a story can be tricky. Whose story is it? Whose POV should you use for a certain chapter or segment of the story? How can you avoid slipping out of viewpoint? The following articles will help you choose the right viewpoint and avoid some of the traps.

  • Whose Story is It?
    If your story doesn't seem to be working, it could be that you've chosen the wrong viewpoint character. Read through these common problems to see if they might apply to you... it could save your story!
  • How to Avoid Viewpoint Slips
    Many writers don't really understand what it means to stay true to one character's viewpoint. They'll write a scene in which the point of view fluctuates wildly from one character to another. Some readers find this intensely annoying and toss the book aside. Others will merely have a sense that something isn't quite right, even though they can't specify why. Bottom line: if you slip out of viewpoint, you disturb your reader. Learn how you can prevent this...


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