Family_History_TipsWriting a Family History - a Mini-Book of Writing Tips

by Hazel Edwards

Want to write a family history for yourself or a friend - or as a paid gig for someone else?

This mini-book of tips (PDF format) on writing a non-boring family history is for anyone wanting to write their family or travel stories for themselves, their families or a wider audience. Writers will find it really useful, with tips that help to bring that family history to life.

It is based on a series of articles by Hazel Edwards, originally published on a monthly basis in 2008 at

  • In this mini-book, you will find 12 tips that have been based on common questions that Hazel encounters about how to tackle various aspects of writing a family history.
  • With each tip, under the "Your Turn" header, you will find a writing activity to try.
  • Finally, there is an example of a relevant book by Hazel with a link to her website.

These 12 simple tips will make writing a family history a memorable and enjoyable experience for you, the writer, as well as for your readers.

(If you'd like more in-depth information on writing a family history in a lively, interesting way, you'll find that Hazel's full-length book, Writing a Non-Boring Family History, is an invaluable resource.)

The 12 tips are:

  1. Using Memorabilia
  2. Co-Writing With relatives
  3. Using Family Travel destinations
  4. Writing With & For Grandkids
  5. What Makes a Good Title?
  6. Writing Non Boring Autobiographies and memoirs
  7. Hints for Interviewing relatives
  8. How to Write a Eulogy
  9. What is "Faction"?
  10. Anecdotal, Embarrassing Historic Moments
  11. Family History e-Books
  12. Words as Home-Made Gifts


Download Family History Tips Here


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