writing exercisesWriting Tips, Prompts and Exercises

Here you'll find lots of handy little writing tips, prompts and exercises. They could fit into several writing categories (technique, getting started, procrastination, etc etc) which is why they have a section all to themselves.

If you're hosting a writers' group, you'll find some treasures here for group exercises or homework!

  • The Power of Association
    Here's a list of words representing objects that you see around the house. Your job is to apply all of the words on the list to four different categories: Music, Food, Travel and Play. Write down the first associated word or phrase that comes to mind for each one on the list.
  • Finding Ideas Part 1
    Over the years, I've been asked "Where do you get your ideas?" more than any other question, and the answer is always the same - ideas are all around us, we only have to be receptive to them. No two artists painting the same still life will produce identical pictures. Each will bring his unique vision to his canvas and the same can be said of writers. . .
  • Finding Ideas Part 2
    There are sources for writing all around us, and the possibilities are endless. All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open and ask Who? Why? How? What if? And then what happened? till we end up with a really good yarn. . .



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