While good fiction will keep readers engrossed no matter what length it is, short stories sometimes require a different approach.

The articles you'll find here specifically address the needs of short story writers.

  • Tips on Writing the Short-Short Story
    Short-short stories are fun to write and fun to read - but they're harder than you might think. You can't take half a page to 'lead in' to the story, and you can't describe characters at length. Master the structure, and you'll have ongoing acceptances from a popular market.
  • Myths and Facts Surrounding Short Stories
    If you compare writing to art, the novel is the huge canvas, which makes you stand back to admire it. It can provide big ideas, a strong plot, bold themes, a sizeable cast, and several sub-plots. The short story is a little painting, that has you stepping forward to see it more clearly and enjoy it all the more. A vignette is the miniature you pick up in order to appreciate the tiny details. Each, in its own way, gives pleasure.


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