Kindle Publishing OverviewHow to Publish a Kindle Book - Overview

As you move further into your Kindle publishing journey, you'll learn more and more about how to target a readership, how to tailor your book description, how to tweak your title and cover - and of course, lots about book promotion!

However, all you need to know in the beginning is that IT IS POSSIBLE. And not only is it possible to publish your book on Amazon Kindle: once you get rolling, it's possible to make a very nice income. (An income that just keeps coming in, with very little effort from you!)

This overview on publishing a Kindle book is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject. At the start, you simply need a short document that tells you the basics so you can get going!

In this short report, you will find:

  1. An overview of Kindle publishing - how to start and what you can expect at each step.
  2. How to create a successful non-fiction book - 7 tips to get you started.
  3. Why it is important to have a good cover for your Kindle book, and what you need to show on it.
  4. Five tips on self-publishing - from the kind of commitment you are making, to page count and formatting.
  5. Five tips on promoting your Kindle books - social networking is key!

At the back of the report, you will find some advice on where to go for extra help if you decide that Kindle publishing is for you.

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