make money writingSo, You Want to Make Money Writing?

If you can create convincing word pictures, you're lucky - you can make money writing, no matter where you're living or how old you are.

In fact, writers have many choices. You can choose to write fiction or non-fiction. You can write for adults or children. You can write manuals, training courses, articles and copy for brochures or catalogues.

Or you can do it all.

Browse through these articles to gain insights into just how it can be done. You'll learn the pitfalls as well as the advantages, and you'll pick up all kinds of tips that will help you earn.

Don't forget to take a look at articles under the 'Writing Career' header, too - you'll find even more help.

Good luck!


  • Ghostwriting - Making Money by Being Invisible
    Tired of earning a pittance (or nothing at all) from your writing? Learn how to get started in ghostwriting - a career that lets you set your own hours. Earn a full time income, or be a part-time 'ghost' while you work on your novel. Here's an overview to get you started.
  • Writing for the Web - Is it for You?
    Writing content for websites can give you a nice little sideline (while you're working on your novel) or you can build it into a whole new career. It may be something you'd never thought of - which is understandable. Nobody tends to think much about who's behind those millions of words on the World Wide Web. We all simply take it for granted that when we 'Google' something, we're going to find an answer.
  • Money Trails for Writers
    Competent wordsmiths have a smorgasbord of opportunities to make money. Are you limiting yourself? Check out these different writing 'trails' that can earn you a very good income.
  • Writing and Selling Your Own E-Course
    Lots of people with a hobby or special interest have thought about starting up a newsletter or a blog, and this is an excellent way to attract a following. However, if you really know what you're talking about, then you could turn your knowledge into a nice little business - by writing an e-course on it. Or ever a series of e-courses. There are four main steps in the process of writing a high-quality, profitable e-course...
  • Working for Guru as a Freelance Writer
    Thinking of dipping your toe into the water and working for Bev Boorer, an established writer for Guru, offers some tips for newbies.





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