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by Jackie Hosking


Blogs - we've spoken about them before - are a great networking tool.

 Some of you may have visited one I started a few years ago (now defunct); www.motherbehavingbadly.blogspot.com. Let me assure you that the title was not as sinister as it appears.

Jackie Hosking BlogI began this blog for purely selfish reasons. Since first being published on The Bad Mothers Club website in May 2003, I realised that I had a drawer full of silly poems and short faction (a blend of fiction and fact) that were just sitting there gathering dust. It's an odd genre, when I think about it. Not quite adult, not quite children and I've never really found a market for it in Australia.

That's when I decided to create the blog; a place where I could display my silly side and hopefully make a few people laugh. The thing with blogs though, is that unless you receive comments and feedback, you don't know if anyone is reading them. If this bothers you then I guess you have to decide who you are writing it for. If it's mainly for yourself then there's no problem but if your ego is a bit sensitive you might, on a grumpy day, decide to shut it down. As you all know, I was having a grumpy day last month and this is exactly what I decided to do.

And then, out of the blue, I got an email from the publisher of The Nappy Bag Book - http://www.nappybag.com.au/index.php  She had seen my blog and was wondering if I would be interested in contributing to next year's issue. Would I? You bet I would. So I didn't shut it down, instead I updated it, popped my ego back in its box and tried not to take myself so seriously.

Then the postie arrived. Don't you just love the postie? One of my on-line discussion groups has been discussing the postie all morning. I wonder if they know how much they are anticipated by writers. Anyway my local writers' centre's monthly magazine was delivered, sealed in plastic. I love this publication and I turned straight to the opportunities page. There, serendipitously, was a call for material for Parentingexpress.co , so off I went in search of this new site.

It's not quite as wacky as mine but I thought I might like to include it in my links section. I emailed the editor and congratulated her on her new site and asked if she'd mind if I linked to it from my blog. I suggested that if she liked what she saw then she could link to my site as well. And of course she was welcome to use any pieces that took her fancy. She emailed me back the next day with some very positive comments, I believe she used the word -- excellent (sorry my ego seems to have escaped again), and said that she'd love to link to my blog and would also like to use a couple of my poems.

Now I focus on the PIO site and blog: you'll see the link at the bottom of this article.

I wear a number of hats as a writer; I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction for children, I write flash fiction and poetry for adults, I write this column and I write for me. But no matter what I'm writing I always write to be read and I guess that's why I love networking so much. It's the connection with others, both on and off-line that drives me and the feedback keeps my sensitive ego from committing hari-kari.

So I guess what I'm trying to get across is that we, as writers, must be proactive at all levels because it just adds another dimension. For me, to write and not be read would be like preparing a meal that won't be eaten. So at the risk of completely discrediting myself I'll leave you with one of my sillies. I wrote this after imagining how two year olds might regard the process that we adults call socialisation. So till next time…

Growing Pains

They're taking my bottle away
They say that I'm getting too old
"Your milk should be sup from a glass or a cup
And served straight from the fridge; icy cold

They're taking my blankey away
They say I'm no longer a pup
"You can't smell a rose with a rag up your nose
Come along now it's time to grow up"

They're taking my nappies away
They say I should sit on the loo
"Just quit your complaining and get toilet training
It's time that you flushed your own poo"

They're taking my dummy away
They say that I look like a sook
"A smile should replace that old plug in your face
Stop your whining and go read a book

They've taken my childhood away
As they sing, "Happy Birthday To You!"
They've made me a cake; took them hours to bake
With some candles to count; one and two...

…your writing buddy,



Jackie has been writing professionally for 7 years. She writes mostly for children but does enjoy the odd flash fiction piece for adults. Jackie is the editor/compiler/publisher of the children's writing and illustrating industry newsletter, PASS IT ON (PIO). PIO was recently voted the best non-fiction e-zine for 2008 by the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll. Jackie also offers a rhyming manuscript editing service. You can find out more about Jackie, PIO and writing in rhyme at her website -  www.jackiehoskingpio.wordpress.com 

© copyright Jackie Hosking


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