Networking Magic

with Jackie Hosking


Writers who maintain a healthy network of friends, writers and industry contacts tend to find the path to success a little smoother than those who don't.

Jackie Hosking not only believes in networking, but edits a weekly networking newsletter for writers - one which has seen many writers achieve publication.

You can visit Jackie at the PIO (Pass It On) site.

  • Networking - First Steps
    The world of writing can be an overwhelming one - once you step off the page. It's like being expected to participate in a race when nobody has told you where the venue is let alone the starting line.
  • Join a Critique Group
    In today's writing world editors are too busy to correct errors. How can we make their lives easier, and consequently our chance of being published more likely? JOIN A CRITIQUE GROUP!
  • Showing Your Writing to Others
    Writing is a bit like giving birth, only more painful! You grow your story or your poem or your rant inside you, and eventually it has to come out. You have a birth - day and you celebrate. You are thrilled with your creation - your baby - no matter how ugly it is. But here's where the similarities end. In the world of writing, everyone's a critic and to survive you need to grow, borrow or steal a very thick skin.
  • Where to Start Networking
    Networking. Now what exactly do I mean by the word 'networking'? I looked it up in the dictionary, because I like to be accurate, and to my surprise found that firstly, the verb 'to network' did not exist at all and that secondly, the noun 'network' could only be found as part of the word 'net'.
  • Fake it Till You Make It
    What an exhilarating exercise it has been; having to come up with interesting things to write about each month. I don't mind admitting that I have found myself somewhat panicked, at times, as I opened the cupboard to find it bare. During one of these Mother Hubbard moments I rejoined an Australian based Yahoo! writers' list in the hope that the members might be able to answer some simple networking questions and thus provide me with another article.
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
    What's a BLOG? Do you have one? And if you don't -- should you? Very simply, a BLOG is an online diary, a space on the Web for you to express yourself. All sorts of people BLOG for all sorts of reasons. I've done some research and here's what a few writers have to say.
  • You Can Do It Too
    I opened my inbox to an acceptance this morning, my first with this particular magazine. I write poetry, rhyming poetry -- it's what I do, it's who I am. When I was a child I would tape all my favourite songs and then spend hours listening, pausing, rewinding so that I might write down all of the words and then, to the dismay of all in earshot, I would sing along over and over and over. That, and Winnie the Pooh were my University.
  • Writing Tips from Writers
    I love reading writing tips. When I visit an author's website I go straight to the kitchen, put the kettle on, make a hot drink of my choice, poise my mouse over the "writing tips" button and…CLICK…I'm in heaven. When I began researching for this article I did some NETWORKING and received so many useful links for writers that I thought it might be helpful to sort them into categories.
  • Networking on a Budget
    What a decadent month I had... two days at John Marsden's beautiful Tye Estate where I attended his Adult Writing Program. It was a luxurious weekend where I was surrounded by about thirty people all with a passion for writing. This was followed by a weekend at the Ballarat Writing Festival. Am I rich? Far from it actually, so how did I manage to afford such luxuries, on consecutive weekends, no less?
  • Networking Success Stories
    Who was it said, 'Nothing succeeds like success.'? A quick click of the mouse reveals that it was Alexandre Dumas. He also said, 'Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it.'
  • What's Your Passion
    This month I am going to talk about networking via the humble email, specifically how to create and promote an email, networking newsletter -- just like my PASS IT ON. What's your passion? It doesn't have to be writing related although I imagine it will be. It could be cooking, or gardening or cats...
  • What's Your Passion Part 2
    Last month we talked about our passions and ways to explore and nurture them. One way is through an email newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to have a direct connection with like minded people - and more personal than surfing the internet.
  • Grumpy Writing Days
    Do you ever have unproductive days? Grumpy days where everything is a hassle and nothing gets done? I had one of those days last week -- the day that I had set aside to write this article -- a grumpy day. I thought chocolate might help, but after the first bar realised it wouldn't. Coffee didn't help either so I decided to read a book...
  • Jackie on Blogs
    I began my blog for purely selfish reasons. Since first being published on The Bad Mothers Club website in May 2003, I realised that I had a drawer full of silly poems and short faction (a blend of fiction and fact) that were just sitting there gathering dust. It's an odd genre, when I think about it.


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