How To...

Writers need to know how to do all kinds of stuff. Not all of it is related to editing or polishing the written word, or to plotting! Sometimes you need to know about video or PowerPoint (for making book trailers, or giving presentations) or editing and using photos and images (for promotional material, websites, and handouts).

This is where you'll learn 'how to' do some very interesting things!

  • Using Snagit Screen Capture Software
    Snagit is a feature-rich screen capture program that lets you capture anything you see on your computer screen. It will capture anything from a tiny segment of the screen to a long, long scrolling window - you don't have to be able to see it on the screen to capture it.
  • Using Microsoft OneNote
    How Microsoft OneNote can help any writer stay organised: take notes, drag pictures and website clippings around, and even capture emails to send to your notes folder. Whether you're researching a family history, chasing up details for a forensic thriller, or writing a novel... this program will be a real boon.
  • Use PLR the RIGHT Way
    You should never buy Private Label Rights (PLR) material and publish it 'as is'. But used the right way, PLR can help you learn your craft and create a unique story.


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