Writing historical fiction is quite a challenge: it involves lots of research, for a start, and then the writer has to be oh-so-careful to weave this information into the story smoothly.

Novices at writing historical fiction can find that their writing slows down as they try to introduce the facts... or even that they're guilty of the heinous sin of 'info-dumping'!

  • Getting Hysterical About Historicals
    Every time you need to provide information, ask yourself - Does my reader need to know this? Chances are he won't and as a general rule: If in doubt, leave it out. Most of your research will probably end up on the cutting room floor, but none will it go to waste. If you steep yourself in the period it can't help but show itself by a process of osmosis. You won't, for instance, make anachronistic mistakes. You won't dress your 18th century heroine in a crinoline, or feed potatoes to your 10th century English peasants.


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