Grammar and Language

Writers who are serious about establishing a career (or even making regular sales) must understand the basics of grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage. If you have a 'weak' area, check out the articles below and see if there's something here that can help.

And DO invest in a couple of basic textbooks on grammar!

  • Sentence Construction
    Most people should have learned how to construct a sentence in their early years at school -- but ask any editor about the way writers use sentence structure and you'll see lots of eye-rolling. Here I'm going to look at just two problems that I've seen crop up many times when I've critiqued scenes for writers or marked assignments for writing courses.
  • Common Mistakes
    The reasons for not writing well are varied, but that doesn't stop people from being good communicators...from creating fantastic stories and plots...from giving life and light and meaning to words. Let's find ways to avoid common mistakes in: spelling, pronunciation, capitalization, punctuation and usage.


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