Having trouble getting your characters talking to each other and sounding realistic? Here are a few tips to help out.

  • 10 Tips on Writing Effective Dialogue
    How to craft vivid, entertaining dialogue for your characters - leave your readers wanting to 'hear' more!
  • Making Dialogue Crystal Clear
    Are you sure that your readers know exactly who said what in your scenes of dialogue? Use these examples of what does and doesn't work to make sure your characters' conversations are always easy to follow.
  • He Said She Said
    Whole books have been written on how to write dialogue - but a quick scan of those on my shelves show that none of them specifically addresses the topic of how to get around the problem of two males or two females talking at length. What are the techniques involved?
  • 7 Useful Tips on Editing Dialogue
    Just what you needed: 7 handy tips to help you beef up your dialogue. If you're worried that your dialogue sounds bland, or that your characters all sound the same... or SOMETHING'S wrong but you don't know what! - then this might help you to get yourself out of a hole quickly.
  • Punctuating Dialogue
    If you're not sure how to punctuate your dilaogue properly, you can inadvertantly change the meaning of what is said. This basic guide will set you on the right path.


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