It can be addictive, plotting and writing a mystery or thriller! Here you'll find a collection of articles that will help you concoct a plot and carefully salt it with clues and red herrings - all the better for keeping your reader on the edge of her seat!


  • The Building Blocks of Crime Fiction
    For writers who are new to crime fiction, one of the biggest pitfalls is building a plot on a flimsy premise. These guidelines will help to ensure that the basic plot of your crime novel WORKS.
  • Introducing Villains and Clues
    This article shows you how one author introduced the villain early in the book, kept him 'on stage' for much of the time, provided clues for the sleuth and then brought it all together at the end.
  • Police Procedure - Dead or Wounded
    I always laugh at the Police description of "the deceased died after being 'fatally wounded'". Odd isn't it? I've always figured you are either dead or wounded. Somehow fatally wounded implies the victim staggered about, bleeding out…but was not quite dead.
  • Police Procedure - To Be or Not to Be
    I decided to look into unusual defences to crime. One that took my fancy was PMS used by the legal eagles as a defence for women who kill. This raises two questions. Firstly what classifies a 'defence'? Basically there are two main types of defences.
  • Police Procedure - Crime Scenes
    The scene/location/place/area where the 'actus reus' has been committed becomes a crime scene. You may have created a story with more than a single crime scene.
  • Police Procedure - the Autopsy
    The mystery behind The Autopsy is about to be unveiled. What is actually involved? Why is an autopsy performed? How is it performed? Who needs to be present? Does it smell? Is it impersonal? What happens to the body bits?
  • Police Procedure - Convicts to Federal Agents
    Who and what is a Police Officer? What makes a Police Force? To answer these questions I decided to begin at the beginning.


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