Columnists with expertise in a number of areas are happy to share their insights to help writers 'get it right'. Check out our contributers below and see what they have to offer you!

  • Graham Maranda - Police Procedure
    One of the most challenging tasks for crime and mystery writers is getting the police procedure right. This column is all about helping you to find out the information you need to know.
  • Gail Breese - Websites
    Whether you want to create your own website or let a designer do it, Gail Breese can tell you what works.
  • Jason Sitzes
    Jason Sitzes, an acclaimed writing teacher and editor, offers insights into the writing life.
  • Lynda Davies
    Lynda's strength lies not only in being able to see clearly what really works in writing fiction and non-fiction, but in being able to help others see it too.
  • Ann Harth - Writing from Home
    Ann Harth has run a freelance writing business from home for many years.
  • Jackie Hosking - Networking
    Networking is essential for authors and writers. Jackie Hosking, the author of this column, edits a weekly networking newsletter for writers - one which has seen many writers achieve publication.


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