Busy Writer Series by Marg McAlister

Amazon Kindle was chosen as the platform for this series because of Amazon’s size, reach and expertise in promotion – and because a Kindle Reading App is available for Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones and iPads, PCs and Macs.

The name of the series (The Busy Writer) says it all. This series was designed for writers who want to cut to the chase: people who want proven strategies that get results fast. Each book moves quickly to the heart of the subject matter and sets out a recommended approach. So far in the series:

  • The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot
  • The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Character
  • The Busy Writer’s KickStart Program
  • The Busy Writer’s Book of Checklists
  • The Busy Writer’s Self-Editing Toolbox
  • The Busy Writer's KickStart Program
  • The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing Romance
  • The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing for Children
  • Write a Book Fast: The Busy Writer’s Starter Pack (Compilation of 3 Titles: Plot, Characters, Checklists)

The Busy Writer series provides excellent quick-start guides for those who are self-starters and don’t require feedback.

 The One-Hour Plot

 The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot 

If you just can’t come up with a viable plot (or you’re writing yourself into a corner because you haven’t taken the time to plot) this will give you a good, solid framework for your novel – in just sixty minutes!



 The One-Hour Character

 The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Character 

Perfect for creating vibrant, well-rounded characters quickly! It comes with extra tips on fleshing out characters, creating a ‘supporting cast’, character growth and series characters.

 The Busy Writer's Book of Checklists


The Busy Writer’s Book of Checklists

What does a writer use all the time? Yes, checklists! Checklists to fine-tune plots, characters and scenes; checklists to give feedback to critique partners; checklists to create websites and Facebook pages. This collection has 20 checklists for writers, plus tips on how to create good checklists of your own.

 The Self-Editing Toolbox

 The Busy Writer’s Self-Editing Toolbox 

Even if you get feedback from others, you need to be able to edit and polish your own work. (The less work your book needs, the more chance you have of having it published.) These simple and effective “tools” will make your writing sparkle!

 The Busy Writer's KickStart Program

 The Busy Writer’s KickStart Program 

Designed to get you up and running, no matter what hurdles are getting in the way of writing your book. This 8-step program walks you through clearing the decks to get started fast (even if you’re blocked); how to get past roadblocks, building in support and rewards, improving style and technique, and the basics of plotting and character creation

 Tips on Writing for Children

 The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing for Children 

Become familiar with the different categories of books for children, and choose the one that’s best for you. Learn the basics of plotting a good story, creating vibrant, interesting characters, and crafting lively dialogue.

 Writing Romance

 The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing Romance 

Romance fiction is a lot of fun to write, and it can be very lucrative. The Busy Writer's Tips on Writing Romance equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to get started quickly in this popular genre, as well as pointing you in the direction of further help when you need it.

 Write a Book Fast

Write a Book Fast - The Busy Writer's Starter Pack

For convenience, here are three great titles in one pack at a discounted price to get you up and running.

Included: The One-Hour Plot, the One-Hour Character, and the Writer's Book of Checklists.



The Busy Writer's One-Hour Plot

The Busy Writer's One-Hour Character

Book of Checklists

The Busy Writer's Self-Editing Toolbox

The Busy Writer's KickStart Program

Write a Book Fast