Build Your Website With XSitePro

XSite Pro provides an easy solutionby Marg McAlister

If you've never had anything to do with creating a website before, you probably have no idea where to start. 

On the other hand, maybe you've struggled with other programs and got nowhere. Perhaps you have downloaded site-building software from the Internet because it was free, or tried a 30-day trial of Dreamweaver before buying - only to find that it's just too hard.

Enter XSitePro.

XSitePro website design software makes website-building much easier than you'd ever thought possible. Why is it so different?

 It allows you the flexibility of creating your own sites and header graphics if you want complete freedom.

XSitePro as a solutionIt provides a large range of ready-made templates, so all you have to do is add your site name and slogan (or logo).

It makes adding and positioning new pages very easy. (You can just copy and paste the page content from your word processor!)

XSitePro have made available a really easy-to-use piece of software (XHeader) that is completely free (you can't beat that price!) to create exactly the header graphics you want for your site.

  1. Uploading your site to the internet is really simple - you can do it from within the program.

  2. The supporting documentation is nothing short of amazing! You get three downloadable manuals that you can either print out or keep on your computer. I'd recommend printing out two of them: the XSitePro Tutorial Workbook (which walks you through creating a website) and Book One: Essentials (the 'how to' for most of your needs.

    The third one (Book Two: Tools) is the truly massive (over 1,000 pages) - the ultimate reference, if you need it! (I'd just keep this on your computer as a reference.) However, the good thing about XSitePro is that it's so easy to use that you don't need much help from the manuals!


If you don't have a lot of spare time yourself, or don't expect the content on your website to change much over time, then you might find that it's best to get someone else to design and maintain your website. You can then just provide content to be uploaded every now and then.

But if you like the idea of building it yourself - then XSitePro website design software is well worth a look!

Here are three examples of sites I created in just a few hours with XSitePro:

1. I started by choosing a template I liked.

XSiePro Example 1

2. I modified this template by adding pictures that related more to the world of writing to the header graphic, and by changing the names of the links.

XSitePro Example 2

3. Here's a quick site created from a different template. With this one, I simply changed the text - I didn't have to alter the graphic at all!

XSitePro Example 3

4. Finally, here's a site I created from scratch (a blank site). I imported a header graphic that I created from the templates in XHeader, and chose colours that blended in for the left-hand navigation menu. I added a few pages: "Home, "Articles", "About Me" and "Writing Services" and checked the box for them to show on the navigation panel. Then I added a picture to the home page. Including creating the header graphic, this took about 30 minutes.

XSitePro Example 4

XSitePro is surprisingly powerful website creation software. You can build a simple website in just a few hours, but as you become more confident you can do things like add Google ads to your site or add a search box. You might just find you become addicted!

Click here to view a video that shows you more about what XSitePro can do.

Click your RIGHT mouse button here to download a 7-page brochure that tells you more about XSitePro.

Click here to read more about using XHeader to create your own site header graphics.


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