The information in these articles focuses on the shorter forms of non-fiction: articles found in magazines (whether online or hard copy) and on websites.

  • Using Anecdotes In Articles
    We all love to listen to a well-told story. Whatever the message that you're trying to get across, you'll do it better if you can get your readers engrossed in a story. Here's how to use anecdotes to good effect in your books and articles.
  • Lively NonFiction
    Wendy St Germain has written about 30 titles; almost all non-fiction. Her non-fiction books and articles are lively and interesting, so it's no wonder her work is popular with editors. In this interview, Wendy tells you how she got started writing non-fiction, and offers her Top 5 Tips for keeping non-fiction interesting...
  • A Career in Photo-Journalism
    Bev Prideaux's speciality is in horticulture and the wine industry, She stopped counting after 600 published articles! After 15 years the stories opportunities are still rolling in. Bev says it was a simple step from years in rural merchandising to writing promotional articles for the local wine industry and general interest stories for magazines and newspapers.


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